Friday, February 20, 2009

The Series Of Unfortunate Events..

It was the 15th of January when Ina, Shikin, Mathilda and I decided to spend the day in Bukit Bintang. We forced ourselves off the bed after having slept for less than 5 hours. We rushed to the nearest bus stand to stop a taxi as that was our only mean to Kelana Jaya LRT station... And we managed to get one after a few minutes of waiting. We then took a train to Putra LRT station to get Shikin's return ticket to Kelantan. We being girls just could not resist looking at the small stalls, that sold ornaments as we walked pass by them. We spent almost an hour looking at these small stuffs but finally ended up leaving these stalls empty handed due to dissatisfaction. It keeps occuring to me, what on earth were we doing there for an hour but ending up buying nothing??? We girls do it all the time heh... Not all girls though. Anyway back on track, we continued our journey to Bukit Bintang by taking a Monorail from KL central, a spot that really meant its meaning 'central' as it was so packed with people. There was a series of unfortunate events...We actually were lost. We could not see any building named Lau Yat. Four young teenage girls were all by themselves, LOST!!! We tried asking a couple of strangers but somehow we ended up questioning those who were just like us, they were lost too..! Sigh.. After about an hour plus we finally found our way there. Phew...Soon after that we entered Lau Yat to settle Ina's business with her cell phone. Then, the series of unfortunate events was a bout to continue. We bought our return tickets to KL Central in order to get back to Kelana Jaya. We were in a hurry because we had loads of homework waiting for us back at the hostel and we were way back in terms of time. It was not going as planned. So we rushed not realizing that we had actually entered the wrong platform.. The most surprising thing was we did not realize it even after about half an hour. We even rushed into the train as it was quite crowded and more than that we were proud of ourselves for having entered into the train ahead of the others. What on earth was going on on our heads??? Durh... We only realized it when the train stopped at the next station... Al least now we did.. We had to find our way back to the previous station and get to KL Central. Again we were attacked by a bad luck charm, when we ended up buying 8 tickets instead of four.. Dont ask me why... Oh alright I'll just explain that too... Ina was queuing up at the ticket counter and I was in the queue at the automatic ticket machine. We did that thinking it was a smart move to get the tickets faster. Actually it was but it's just us, who screwed it up. We both reached our respective counters at the same time and ended up buying 8 tickets instead of 4... What a day??! We had to then sell the tickets to some of those in the queue who wanted to go to the same destination as we did. Thank God they accepted it. phew... Finally we reached our Hostel safe and sound. haha... It was after all an unforgettable day....

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