Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Buddies...

I've been having friends walking by me throughout my life journey. I've always enjoyed making friends as it widens my perception about people, they way they think and I've also learnt to accept their different characters. I've got different group of friends from all walks of life. For example, I've got a group of friends from my primary school, another group from my lower secondary and another one from upper secondary. I also have got friends who are friends of my siblings, online friends and finally now my college friends. All these friends of mine have played a major part in my life as they are the cause for it to be very much exciting and interesting than it was supposed to be.. I've been lucky in the sense that my friends have always turned out to be those helpful ones. If I am to mention one friend in specific, it would take some time for me to think of one. This is because all my friends have been very understanding and they have been willing to listen to all my problems. Moreover, some are able to feel it even without me mentioning I've got a problem. I had a friend saying "u can always tell me about your problems, I'm willing to hear" a few days back. I felt very touched and honoured to have been gifted with friends like them. Thank you all so much for making my life more meaningful. I'll always remember that no matter what happens, I'll have at least one reliable person whom I can look up to one day...May we be friends forever!! ^_^

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