Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Cousin's wedding...

Last weekend was a busy one for me as my cousin, who was more like my own brother got married. His wedding ceremony took place in a small town in Johor, called Tangkak. My family and I had decided to leave for Tangkak earlier to help out with the wedding preparations and so we did. My parents arrived at about ten in the morning. Soon after fetching me, we left for Tangkak. It was quite a long journey. I spent my time in the car watching a documentary, which was Bowling For Columbine. I had to watch it because it was part of my English lesson's task. My lap top came in very handy during this time. We reached Tangkak in the evening and we started with the preparations soon after reaching as there were still a lot left to be done. But it was fun and enjoyable because we did everything together...At night, after I was done with the preparations, I started with my homework and revision. I had to bring my books along because I had to prepare for my upcoming test and I was loaded with lots of homework. I had no other choice than to lock myself up in one of the rooms and deal with my work. I was only able to finish up my work at about three thirty in the morning. The very next morning we were very busy caring out the ceremonies before the wedding as normally the Indians have to carry out a number of ceremoniesbefore the wedding. The wedding ceremony went on very well. It was an unforgettable moment.

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